Sales Representative

Cell: 613-848-1918 | Office: 613-966-6060
Email: janicedavis777@gmail.com

Janice Davis (nee Rupnow) was born and raised in the small town of Bancroft. She was blessed with amazing parents who raised and taught her the value of having and maintaining a strong work ethic, the importance of being honest, trustworthy and respectful, and the knowledge to know that she could be anything she wanted to be in this world with lots of hard work and dedication. Janice attributes her caring personality and her “down-to-earth” approach to being raised in a small town and having an incredible support system through family & friends. It is through all this that Janice has become the independent business woman that she is today. Most people know Janice for that big smile that she carries on her face every day and her “no heirs about her” casual way. She is personable, approachable and dedicated to her clients. Being born a Virgo, the perfectionist in Janice shines through in every aspect of her job.

Janice’s career in real estate started in April, 2003. She brings with her an eighteen (18) year background in real estate as she was previously employed as a legal assistant handling the paperwork at the lawyer’s office for buyers and sellers. Changing careers was an easy transition for her, as she already had the skills required to serve and protect her clients and was very familiar with the real estate process. It’s been over a decade now that Janice has been a full-time sales representative and she has assisted many, many clients as they buy new homes or sell the old ones. Whether buying or selling, Janice is always willing to assist, serve and protect her clients and it’s a guarantee that she will always greet you with a smile and a caring hand.

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